World economies that are better prepared for the future

With technology increasingly evolving, it is particularly important for countries’ economies to adapt.
People are changing at a fast pace. The past 150 years have been characterized by the most impressive technological development in history. In the coming decades, artificial intelligence, automotive cars and the automation of many of the jobs that do not require special skills are likely to further change the world economy.

In the recent World Economic Forum Global Competition, there is an entire category called “Future Government Orientation”, which examines various indicative elements of the preparation of individual national governments. The questions in this category include: “How quickly does the country’s legislative framework adapt to online business models?”, “To what extent does the government respond effectively to change?” And “To what extent does the government have a long-term vision ? “.

Each score is given a score of one to seven, with seven being the highest, then each score is offset in only one score.

These are, therefore, the countries of the world that are better prepared for the digitized economic future of the planet.